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Traxlo's CEO industry paper

🎉 Congratulations to our CEO, Paul Vezelis! 🎉

Paul's MSc thesis on "Barriers for the adoption of artificial intelligence tools by multinational retail organizations," completed at ISM University of Management and Economics, has been published as an industry paper, thanks to the invaluable support of Professor Gurram Gopal, Ph.D., from Illinois Institute of Technology.

With 8️⃣ years of experience in the retail tech industry, Paul continues to contribute to the field. This publication is a testament to his dedication and expertise in retail tech adoption.

Key Insights from the Paper:

The results suggest that there is a preferred way for retail organizations to be structured and act in order to be successful at adopting AI tools or any other tech innovation. Paulius' top three must-haves for outsized success impact are:

1. A dedicated innovation evangelist or innovation department responsible for adopting new technologies.

2. Total executive-level support.

3. An overall company culture that is aligned to welcome innovation adoption.

We are are excited to help our clients to set up these and many more best practices when improving in-store processes driven by technologies 📈


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