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Traxlo provides important extra income opportunities for the community, while all together we building the future of retail operations


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Arctic Startup

Lithuania-based startup secures €1.1 million in funding and strengthens its presence in Poland

Vilnius-based startup Traxlo has successfully wrapped up its pre-seed funding round, raising €600K and closing at €1.1 million. In addition to their existing investors like Iron Wolf Capital, Antler, and Red Pill VC, they have also attracted new investors such as Black Pearls VC based in Poland and a US-based angel investor.

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Cashless PL

There's already an "Uber for grocery stores". Find gigs on the Tasku platform

In Poland, a platform called Tasku has emerged, which can be described as the Uber for the retail sector. It enables individuals to earn extra income by working in local grocery stores, including those that are part of retail chains. The solution is provided by the startup Traxlo, which recently secured €1.1 million from investors. These funds are primarily intended for the development of the project in Poland.

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Verslo žinios

"Traxlo" has attracted a new investment and is targeting the Polish market

The Lithuanian startup "Traxlo," developing the "Tasku" platform for self-checkout in grocery stores, has attracted a €600,000 investment, which it intends to use for international expansion, with a particular focus on the Polish market and product development.

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Startup Lithuania

Startup Of The Week: Traxlo

We are happy to present startup of the week – Traxlo. Gig work app “Tasku”, developed by this Lithuanian startup, enables local communities to earn extra income, while completing small tasks inside grocery stores next to their homes.

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The startup "Traxlo" has opened a self-service store without permanent employees in Vilnius

The Lithuanian startup "Traxlo" has attracted a 100 000 Eur investment from one of the largest accelerators in the world, "Antler".

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Traxlo raises 1.1 mn Eur for the development of gig economy-based services

Traxlo has successfully closed its pre-seed round. One of the investors in the first round is Black Pearls VC. The startup provides services for grocery store chains and FMCG brands through a network of local workers (gig-workers) who perform daily tasks in stores near their homes.

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The startup "Traxlo" offers to earn money near your home

The founders of the startup "Traxlo", Paulius Vėželis and Almantas Zemblys, say that their company has never experienced peaceful times.

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Verslo Žinios

Lithuanian startup "Traxlo" receives a 378 000 Eur investment

Startup "Traxlo", which is developing a platform called "Tasku" for working in grocery stores, attracted a 378 000 Eur investment from Lithuanian and Swedish investors.


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Tasku app team

From idea to international platform

"Tasku," developed by Traxlo, is a revolutionary platform that brings a world of additional income opportunities to local neighborhoods. Launched in 2021, "Tasku" connects individuals with short, essential tasks at nearby grocery stores, providing a flexible work solution that seamlessly integrates into everyday life.

With operations in select cities across Sweden, Lithuania, and Poland, our mission extends beyond just providing income opportunities. We aim to create a positive impact on both the livelihood of individuals and the success of more sustainable and effective retail execution. By optimizing shop-floor operations and fostering community engagement, "Tasku" transforms the way retail and FMCG companies operate, empowering locals to earn a crucial extra income while supporting the growth and success of the retail industry.


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