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Unlock your brand’s full potential with data-based retail execution

Unlock the power of data-driven insights to optimize sales, enhance contract compliance, and drive brand success.

Unlock brand performance insights

Total visits flexibility

Execution by local taskers

Our weekly reports provide you with core information on your brand's performance, allowing you to track your position on the shelves and make data-driven decisions to improve your overall performance in retail chains.

Take control of your store visits by setting your preferred time slots, including evenings and weekends. Adjust the number of visits based on your needs, whether it's during discount periods or specific weeks.

Our merchandising tasks are carried out by local gig workers who live in close proximity to the stores. This not only reduces the carbon footprint by up to 30% but also creates valuable income opportunities for individuals in need.

Unlock the power of data-driven merchandising for superior brand performance



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What clients say about us

Gintarė, Straikas UAB

Me and my team, we love Traxlo’s socially responsible gig workers based merchandising solutions. Data based approach and reports were extremely beneficial in improving our performance on the shelves. With the help of comprehensive data, we had additional arguments while negotiating better visibility for our product with retailers.

Gintare from Streikas

Chief Commerce Officer

Laurynas, Vaisių sultys UAB

Traxlo's pay per task model and automated reports bring new, more efficient way for us to manage store execution and have a data based overview on the shelf situations.

Laurynas from Vaisiu sultys

Chief Executive Officer

Justina, Ustukių Malūnas UAB

It is a great experience working with a client-focused company. The core information provided by Traxlo has allowed us to gain an objective view of our product presence on shelves within retail chains and take proactive measures to address any issues that arise with retailers.

Sales manager

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Out of shelf detection

Identify and address instances where your products are missing on the shelves, ensuring maximum availability and minimizing lost sales.

Out of shelf detection

Tracking on-shelf availability discrepancies

Monitor and resolve discrepancies in product availability, ensuring consistent brand representation and contract compliance.

Tracking on-shelf availability discrepancies

Out of stock tracking

Stay informed about stock unavailability in the warehouse, enabling timely replenishment to prevent out-of-stock situations and optimize sales opportunities.

Out of stock tracking

Basic shelf compliance

Avoid improper marketing material, lack of price labels and unclean shelves. Perform a quick fix, improve customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive edge.

Basic shelf compliance

Core range tracking

Know the real distribution of your core range, maximize revenue & brand awareness, by working with  retailers to ensure the consistent presence of top-selling core range products in stores.

Core range tracking

Promo stand tracking

Track the implementation and execution of promotional displays, ensuring they are executed and delivering the desired impact on ROI and brand visibility.

Promo stand tracking

Analyzing on-shelf presence level trends

Maximize brand visibility and sales potential by monitoring your brand's share of shelf through tracking the number of facings in specific stores and chains.

Analyzing on-shelf presence level trends

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