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Traxlo at the TechChill startup conference, 2023

Traxlo co-founder, who wrote MSc thesis, closely ralated to importance of innovation teams and programs inside retail chains existing and working directly with startups to improve chances of successful innovation, was super happy to see Natalia Kobza from Żabka Polska and Rimi Baltic Group represented by Helve and Aris Brencis spend two days at TechChill startup conference.

Almantas Zemblys and I, at Traxlo we strongly believe that only mutually honest collaboration between the startup and the client can bring outstanding results based on innovation aspect brought in by the #startup. Unfortunately, very often inside the startup land, startups skip the mutual collaboration part and imitate big corporate style transactional sales because of the need to show fast traction. For the corporate client such transaction in many cases results in innovation theater and misses the chance of a real innovation. But don’t be mistaken, part of the fault is on behalf of a corporate client who is not experienced in working with a fresh startup and does not have internal processes to handle collaboration with 100x if not 1000x smaller innovator. That being said, I’m a huge advocate of inovation teams and programs which are dedicated to work with startups, are engaged in #experimentation without being afraid to fail, all with the goal of extracting improved chances of a real, meaningful #innovation

Traxlo team is happy to see more and more #retailers in the region sharing a similar thinking and spending quality time with startups at a great event like TechChill.

In the picture #teamTraxlo, Radvilė Antanavičiūtė, Agnė Mažeikaitė, and Paul Vezelis.


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