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Traxlo at the Marketplace Conference

Our Paul Vezelis is coming back from #Berlin with a refreshed outlook on the future of #marketplaces and the reasons to be bullish on the businesses full of network effects!

As always a great time at Speedinvest's The Marketplace Conference with the marketplace business model fellows.

Just how Jeroen Arts started the conference and Jose Marin finished, the landscape is changing due to various external reasons, but this specific business model has many reasons to be bullish about the future! One of them being extraordinary returns potential because of the built in network effects as per Sameer Singh.

Thank you for organising one of the kind venue to meet and learn from so many like-minded founders and VCs Mathias O. and the team!

BTW the side events add-on to this year's edition was cool. First time in my life I had a yoga session themed AMA, with Jack Greco. Thank you for hosting Irene GentiliNora Herzog

Till the next year!


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