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Enhancing shelf visibility and store execution: A Case Study with Marmaluzi

Every brand strives to capture the attention of customers and secure a prime position on store shelves. A better shelf position translates into increased product visibility, more purchases, and ultimately higher sales revenue. In this case study, we highlight our collaboration with Marmaluzi, a leading baby foods manufacturer, and the success of our data-driven merchandising solutions in improving their store positioning without exceeding their merchandising budget.

Improved performance within stores

Our comprehensive solutions played an essential role in enhancing Marmaluzi's retail performance. Through weekly visits and data gathering, a clear pattern emerged - Marmaluzi products were consistently positioned on the lowest shelf level. This placement hindered their visibility within the category, making it challenging for store visitors to notice them. W​ith the help of data on product placement and availability, the Marmaluzi team had persuasive evidence to discuss favorable contracts with retailers. This resulted in executing strategic placements on upper shelves, effectively increasing the visibility of their products.

Saved 40% of dedicated merchandising budget

By leveraging our gig-worker community, who complete tasks near their homes, Straikas UAB successfully optimized costs by focusing on the core and most problematic stores. As a result, they were able to save more than 40% of their budget previously allocated to merchandising services.

Me and my team, we love Traxlo’s socially responsible gig workers based merchandising solutions. Data based approach and reports were extremely beneficial in improving our performance on the shelves. With the help of comprehensive data, we had additional arguments to achieve better visibility for our product within retailers.

- Gintarė, Chief Commercial Officer at Straikas, UAB.

At Traxlo, we are committed to empowering FMCG brands like Straikas by delivering effective and transparent merchandising solutions. Our data-driven approach and comprehensive insights enable brands to make informed decisions, enhance their shelf presence, and achieve their sales goals.


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