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Closing summer with a bang and super Taskers

We are closing summer with a bang! The last three months were intense and so far the most productive in Traxlo’s history. Great effort by the team Rokas, Dominykas, Radvilė, Benediktas, Almantas & Paul. KPIs were beaten, metrics up and to the right, but we are most excited about our super taskers. More and more regular people, mothers, students or simply people with some free time are earning important extra income next to their homes, regular workplaces or on their commute routes. In turn, helping retailers & FMCG brands to optimize their operations.

In the picture, you can see our super taskers Justinas & Jolanta. Justinas works in his free time from his other income-producing activities and is becoming a faster performer at particular tasks than longtime retail employees. Jolanta on the other hand finds the time to work on the after she leaves her kid in the kindergarten, usually helping with the tasks in 4-5 stores in the same neighbourhood in one day. Tasku offers absolute flexibility to both of them. Skip a day, skip a week or work as much as you like, it’s all up to the taskers.

Looking forward to the autumn season when we’ll launch the in more cities and countries!


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